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Winter bird feeding tips for a successful and healthy backyard feeding station

Once you start feeding them, don’t stop during the cold season. Although natural foods are available, birds expend a lot of extra energy looking for new food sources if your feeders go empty.

New Year's resolutions that can jeopardize your identity

Many attempts to become a better you can jeopardize your identity. Follow these tips to protect your information!

NextWork program offers students a new perspective on manufacturing

Program is designed to provide K-12 students exposure, training and quality job opportunities while fulfilling local manufacturing workforce needs.

Get the ultimate theater experience at Atlas Cinemas Diamond Center

As the largest, independently owned theater chain in northeast Ohio, Atlas Cinemas has always been on the forefront of technology to give their customers the best theater experience.

Choosing the perfect camp for each child in the family

Going to camp should be a choice for every child. But if your child is not enthusiastic, don't push camp on them without learning more.

Reading, writing and... resiliency?

As parents, we worry about how to best prepare our kids for success. And although books, sports, the arts, etc. are all important, teaching our children to be resilient may be as important.

Food allergies: More than an inconvenience

One in every 13 children under the age of 18 has a food allergy. More than one-third are allergic to multiple foods. Among preschoolers, the incidence is one in 10. Alarming numbers for sure.

Cuts N Curls – A unique experience for the entire family

Cuts N Curls can handle everything, from your little one’s first haircut, your teen’s trendy razor-designed style, to cuts and full services for moms and dads.

Dr. URawesome creates bubble magic for all ages

What does it look like from inside a bubble? You can find out if you meet Dr. URawesome and three-time Guinness World Record holder for the largest outdoor and indoor free-floating bubble.

Sing and Swing helps children discover music and yoga while helping familes find quality time together

Integrated music classes for newborn, toddlers and children up to 6 years old and their parents feature singing and dancing while having fun, learning and playing together.

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