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Perspectives Academy creates special environment for student success

Dec 11, 2017

Students can succeed at the Perspectives Academy, which provides an alternative learning environment for students that experience anxiety, depression, autism, and social and emotional issues.

Shaker Heights students communicate live with Space Station astronauts

Nov 21, 2017

On the day of the downlink, Shaker students from grades K–12, teachers, parents, and guests watched select students ask the astronauts questions, who were viewed live on a large screen.

Cultivating a love of reading among struggling readers

Nov 21, 2017

For some, reading is a vexing task that can result in feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and even tears. Here are some tips on how to foster a love of reading with all children.

MOCA Cleveland goes free for 18 and under

Oct 30, 2017

The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland will offer free admission to visitors ages 18 and under, effective immediately.

Teaching children about diversity, equity and inclusion

Oct 17, 2017

How can we teach children to listen and learn to be open to something other than what they are used to in their families?

Great Lakes Science Center's newest exhibition, All Aboard! The Science of Trains, now open

Oct 17, 2017

The Science Center's newest special exhibition allows rail fans of all ages to get a closer look at the world of the railroads from locomotives to cabooses through hands-on exhibits.

International Women’s Air & Space Museum offers unique educational experience

Oct 17, 2017

Located inside Burke Lakefront Airport, you’ll find exhibits on Amelia Earhart, Harriet Quimby, Bessie Coleman (the first African American pilot) the women of WWII, rocket girls and more.

Private School Guide

Oct 05, 2017

A listing of participating schools in Lake, Geauga and eastern Cuyahoga counties.

Little Medical School offers interactive experiences that inspire future healthcare professionals

Aug 22, 2017

All year long, kids are inspired to follow their passions while role playing as doctors, veterinarians, nurses and pharmacists at Little Medical School of Northeast Ohio.

12 tips to help your child be a successful speller

Jul 17, 2017 ● By Today's Family

Studies show multi-sensory techniques that use sight, hearing, touch and movement simultaneously lead to more efficient and effective learning. Try these strategies to make spelling fun.