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Understanding eating disorders among kids

Nov 21, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Early intervention is key to successful treatment, but these life-threatening psychiatric conditions aren’t always immediately obvious or associated with weight loss.

Music to their ears

Nov 21, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Cochlear implants open up a whole new world for mother and son with severe hearing loss

Four myths about vaccinating your child

Oct 24, 2016 ● By Today's Family

The benefits of vaccinations far outweigh any side effects – which are rare, says Elizabeth Pai, MD, a Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatrician at the Willoughby Hills Family Health Center.

Kids sports and concussions

Oct 17, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Carly Day, MD, a sports and exercise medicine specialist at Cleveland Clinic sets the record straight about seven common misconceptions.

Time to tango with the tooth fairy?

Oct 17, 2016 ● By Today's Family

What is developmentally normal when it comes to baby tooth loss, how does the tooth-obsessed fairy collect her pearly prizes, and what is the going rate for a baby tooth these days?

Dr. Trista brings more smiles to expanded practice

Oct 17, 2016 ● By Today's Family

After 17 years of working in dentistry, Dr. Trista Onesti is expanding her practice into a larger space in Lyndhurst, offering a fun and comforting environment for kids.

Cleveland Clinic to host baby 101 boot camp to help combat infant mortality

Oct 05, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Free community event features local health experts, interactive discussions and other activities

6 tips to avoid an accident with deer

Sep 27, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Although we cannot stop deer from entering roadways at inopportune times, there are steps we can take to reduce the chance of having an accident if a deer crosses our path while driving.

Healthy Living comes easy at Mentor Heisley Racquet & Fitness Club

Sep 26, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Adult fitness classes, massages and private training keep adults active while kids can enjoy year-round soccer, swimming, basketball, tennis classes or private lessons, and youth sports.

Mandel JCC expands youth programs

Sep 21, 2016 ● By Today's Family

Children and families that come to the Mandel JCC get more than just a gym membership––they become part of the community. Youth programs are designed to keep fitness fun and exciting.