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An apple a day still keeps the doctor away

10 ways for you to enjoy the many benefits of apples

Tobacco 21 legislation could be coming to your hometown

Tobacco 21 is a national campaign that prohibits the sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to anyone under the age of 21. 15 cities in Ohio have adopted the initiative so far.

In a time of need, the food bank serves hope

To serve the rising number of hungry children in northeast Ohio, the food bank came up with another creative solution––the BackPacks for Kids program.

September do-overs

As our kids head off with new plans for a fresh new school year, let’s give ourselves permission to let go of the sting of unmet goals with a do-over and a fresh start as well.

Miracle League of Lake County opens special needs ball field and playground

The Miracle League of Lake County ball field and playground at Classic Park in Eastlake was built for people with disabilities, especially those in wheelchairs, walkers, and with autism.

Understanding How To Refinance

Here are some tips for intelligent refinancing.

A healthy approach to sending your kids back to school

Here are some tips to help make your job a little easier in giving your kids a healthy start for the new school year.

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