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Huntington Learning Center cares about your child’s education

By Stacy Turner

“It is our mission to help students succeed,” shared Kim Walter, the executive director at Huntington Learning Center in Mayfield Heights and Mentor.  “With the help of our tutors, students can strengthen academic skills, master new concepts, prepare for standardized exams, and build crucial study habits for academic success.” Huntington Learning Center was the first supportive education facility in the US and has been serving this niche for 45 years.  “We get great results,” Walter explained, “because our tutoring is tailored specifically to your student’s academic needs.” 

The process begins with an initial evaluation that includes a number of multi-disciplinary assessments that identify where and why your child is struggling.  The evaluation results are used to craft a personalized learning plan for your student, along with the total number of hours estimated for success.  The one-time cost of the evaluation is $195. 

There’s no set recommendation for the number of tutoring sessions per week, as the learning plan depends on the individual student’s abilities. “As an example, for a student who currently has a B in chemistry and wants to improve the grade to an A, an hour of tutoring per week may suffice.”  Walter continued, “For a student several grade levels behind, more time will be needed to see improvement.  Each student is unique and special to us.”

Tutors at Huntington Learning Center are unique as well.  Each has at least a bachelor’s degree, and many are experienced classroom teachers. “We even have college professors in subjects like finance and physics,” Walter noted, “and a chemistry and higher math tutor who works as a chemist.”  Tutoring services range from $52 to $78 per hour depending on the student’s age and subject area covered.  “Financing opportunities are available; we want to provide every family with the support they need,” Walter explained. 

Jami Burns of Mentor shared, “My daughter was struggling because school was virtual and she does much better face-to-face.  This caused her to lack confidence in her overall academic performance. Huntington’s one-on-one process is really amazing. She has been showing a great amount of improvement; this has also boosted her academic confidence in all subjects. She looks forward to her weekly in center tutoring sessions.”

“I am so pleased with the progress my daughter has made since attending Huntington Learning Center,” shared Sharon Brown from Mayfield Heights.  “She has not only improved academically, but she’s also become more confident overall. We absolutely love the staff, and the communication is just amazing.  I am so happy that we chose Huntington Learning Center and will highly recommend them to anyone.”

“We value our relationships with families,” Walter continued.  “We meet regularly to keep them apprised of progress.  We want to be good stewards of their investment throughout the process.”  With parent permission, Huntington staff will discuss your child’s academic needs and progress with his or her teachers, school personnel, and other professionals as needed.  

“I am very impressed with the progress my son has made,” Shawanda King noted.  “He struggled academically during junior high, so I wanted to make sure he didn’t fall any further behind in his transition to high school.  With the help of Huntington Learning Center, my high schooler has increased his academic skill set over the last seven months which has resulted in better grades and a boost in his confidence.  The staff is awesome, very professional, and cares about my child’s education.” 

When prepping for the SAT or ACT standardized tests, Huntington’s students have earned “astounding results,” according to Walter, “which can help with college selection and scholarship opportunities.” Huntington students saw an average increase of 248 points and 5.9 points, respectively.  Huntington also provides assistance in preparing for high school entrance exams and advance placement tests.  “I have improved so much already for my upcoming ACT and feel that I am going to be successful on it!” Samantha Brown shared about her experience in Mentor.  “I couldn’t ask for more in a learning center!” 

“There are lots of ways for families to spend their time and resources,” Walter noted, “but education is invaluable, and always a good investment of time and money.” 

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