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Local sixth grader teaches about autism and acceptance through book

Gabe Feinberg was inspired by his volunteer experiences and by his friend Jack (who has autism) to write a book on the topic for his sixth grade “Passion Project.”

Babysitting exchanges – your house or mine?

If the headache of finding a good sitter keeps you from getting out more often, maybe your family could benefit from one of these four types of babysitting exchanges.

Life after miscarriage

How do you move forward towards healing when on the outside you look okay but on the inside you’re still hurting?

The Big Mom QUIZ!

Take this lighthearted quiz to find out what category of mom you fall into!

Facing your fears can make you stronger

Today's Family columnist Stacy Turner shares a recent experience where her middle school aged daughter was forced to go out of her comfort zone to make a big change in the lunchroom.

Family fun and excitement awaits at Memphis Kiddie Park

Located on Memphis Avenue in Brooklyn, Ohio, the 66-year-old park continues the tradition of bringing families together for fun and excitement.

RoboBot competition brings students together to work as a team

RoboBots is a combat robotics program for high school students with the goal of giving them real world manufacturing experience while building and competing their robot in a tournament.

Snapology inspires kids to build, learn and create while having fun

Snapology offers classes, indoor play, birthday parties and summer camps and features thousands of LEGO®, K’Nex, Bionicle and mosaics with space to roam, explore, build and create.

Make your wellness goals happen at Mentor Heisley Racquet & Fitness Club!

Mentor Heisley Racquet & Fitness Club makes fitness fun for children and adults through sports, swimming, aerobics and yoga classes matched with personal training and positive staff support.

Math Monkey builds confidence and engages kids through fun learning techniques

Offers new challenges for gifted or high performers in math. And for underperforming students, they may be just what they need to become more engaged in their math and to gain confidence.

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