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Kick off the school year with Duck Brand Moving Kits

Duck® brand Moving Kits simplify the packing process. Each kit includes medium and large boxes, packaging tape and packing paper. Duck® brand foam cushioning and bubble wrap also available!

A healthy approach to sending your kids back to school

Here are some tips to help make your job a little easier in giving your kids a healthy start for the new school year.

Tips for shopping smart this back-to-school season

School supplies, textbooks, clothing, backpacks and dorm room essentials all come with a large price tag attached. Follow these dollar saving tips to shop smart this back-to-school season.

The rewards of volunteering in your school’s PTO

You’re busy. And the drama in some school PTOs rivals reality TV. But experienced educators and volunteers say the rewards are worth the work. Read on to find out what’s in it for you.

How to resolve child-teacher conflict

While you may initially brush off their dramatic declarations, what do you do if your child seems to be growing increasingly distressed with school and her teacher?

10 questions to ask to help your child with their homework

When it comes to homework help, asking the right questions is more important than knowing the answers. Use these prompts to direct your child’s work and teach important learning-management skills.

12 tips to help your child be a successful speller

Studies show multi-sensory techniques that use sight, hearing, touch and movement simultaneously lead to more efficient and effective learning. Try these strategies to make spelling fun.

Get ready to streamline the back-to-school paper flood

With back to school, a steady stream of paperwork is heading your way. After years of dividing and conquering a volley of school communications, I've got my paper-flow systems down pat.

Back-to-school serenity strategies

Expect the onset of school to cause some degree of anxiety in your elementary student. Here are seven ways to calm anxious feelings before they become overwhelming.

Banish the back-to-school blues

Here are ten tips for helping your child cultivate positive, supportive, and mutually respectful relationships with teachers from the first day of school forward.