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How to deal with pesky summer ailments

You often deal with a variety of health-related issues that affect children during the summer. Here are some preventive measures and treatment tips to help your kids enjoy a healthy summer.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) brings Food Allergy Heroes Walk to Cleveland

Organization bring Food Allergy Heroes Walk to Cleveland on August 5, to celebrate the everyday heroes in our community whose dedication helps keep millions of Americans with food allergies safe.

How eliminating toxin exposure can help your child with autism spectrum disorder

The beauty of our current understanding of autism is in putting the power back in the hands of the individual and family. You have more control over your environment than your genetics.

Cleveland Metroparks and Cleveland Clinic launch 'Explore Your Park' wellness campaign

Initiative creates new opportunities in more than 23,000 acres of the Metroparks and encourages the community to improve their health by exploring and being active in the parks.

Make your wellness goals happen at Mentor Heisley Racquet & Fitness Club!

Mentor Heisley Racquet & Fitness Club makes fitness fun for children and adults through sports, swimming, aerobics and yoga classes matched with personal training and positive staff support.

Helping your kids cope with allergies

Recommendations provided by MinuteClinic that will help you recognize allergy symptoms, limit your family members’ exposure, and determine the best medications and treatment to stay healthy.

Food allergies: More than an inconvenience

One in every 13 children under the age of 18 has a food allergy. More than one-third are allergic to multiple foods. Among preschoolers, the incidence is one in 10. Alarming numbers for sure.

Mentor ATA Martial Arts builds confidence and develops important life skills

Kids and adults can build confidence, achieve personal goals, gain perseverance, and stay fit by training at Mentor ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids.

A parent's guide to holiday travel and staying healthy

Taking preventive steps and preparing in advance can help to ensure a healthy holiday for your children and your entire family.

New pediatric concussion baselines testing now available to area parents & children

Establishing your child's baseline when healthy will help your doctor determine when it will be safe for your child to return to play after a brain injury.