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Family movie night provides time to relax and enjoy each other

Columnist Stacy Turner shares her family's experience with family movie night and how although their movie fare may have evolved, the tradition still provides quality time with each other.

Remembering 4th of July as a child

Columnist Stacy Turner recalls the year her dad decided to forgo the crowds and host his own fireworks extravaganza.

Forgiveness: A gift to give yourself and others

It’s easy to remember to forgive and forget when you’re talking about the little things, but forgiveness seems so much harder to put into practice as bigger issues arise.

Parenting during adolescence

Columnist Stacy Turner shares her experience when her daughter morphed from a fun-loving, caring child into a moody, sulking teen.

When spring storms in

Columnist, Stacy Turner, muses how a recent power outage helped her and her children to appreciate the little things in life.

Deliberate acts of kindness?

Mommy Chronicles columnist Stacy Turner shares her story of when random acts of kindness became a mandatory school project for her daughter.

Journaling to improve communication…or not

Columnist Stacy Turner was excited to give her daughters each a special journal to stay connected with them. But like many well-intentioned ideas, the journal project eventually flopped.

Take a cue from your younger self and enjoy each holiday moment

As a child, December was one of my favorite times of the year. Instead of checklists of gifts to buy and cards to send and chores to complete, I enjoyed the season, moment by moment.

Mommy Chronicles

Unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with a handbook. No matter how much you read about what to expect, there isn’t a fast guide to refer to for some of the unexpected things that occur.

Master procrastinator mom hopes to learn from daughter

I don’t want to brag, but I’m something of a master procrastinator. Don’t be jealous -- It’s a skill I’ve been honing for as long as I can remember.