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School of Cleveland Ballet teaches more than dance

Aug 21, 2016 05:19PM ● By Today's Family
As a young girl Anna Soref was a dedicated tomboy.  So she was surprised when her 4-year-old daughter, Chloe, begged to take classical ballet classes.  While watching her prance around in her cute leotard and slippers at her first class, she never imagined that 10 years later she’d still be dancing.

Over the years, she watched as ballet class taught her daughter how to follow directions and behave in a group setting.  She learned to respect teachers and offer a polite “thank you” with a curtsy after class as well as other skills she will use long after she’s hung up her ballet slippers.

The first time she saw Chloe on stage she realized just how good ballet was for her.  Her acutely shy daughter waltzed on stage in front of hundreds of people beaming with confidence.  She had learned her dance, practiced it repeatedly, and was proud to show what she knew.

More importantly, ballet has taught the importance and rewards of hard work.  Chloe dreamt of the day she would earn her pointe shoes.  Finally, after many years, Ms. G (what students affectionately call Gladisa Guadalupe, the school’s artistic director) gave Chloe permission to get the coveted shoes and even went to her first shoe fitting!

In middle school, ballet served yet another purpose—escape from pressure and social stress—a place to lose herself in dance and relax with a second family.  At Cleveland Ballet, the students and teachers are truly a family.

They offer a wide variety of classes including ballet, jazz, modern, and yoga—for all ages and adults. 

Visit for more information or call 216-320-9000.