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Great Lakes Science Center's new Design Zone exhibit now open

Oct 30, 2016 04:11PM ● By Today's Family
What does it take to create a blockbuster video game?  How many beats per minute does a DJ need to get bodies moving on the dance floor?  What goes into creating a roller coaster or skate park to produce the most fun and biggest thrills?

The answers can be found where creativity and science come together in Design Zone -- Great Lakes Science Center's new special exhibition opening Saturday, October 1.  Design Zone examines the science behind creativity and puts the tools for creative inspiration in guests' hands.  Design Zone is free with general paid admission to the Science Center and runs through Monday, January 2.

Throughout three highly interactive themed areas focusing on art, music and action, Design Zone reveals how game developers, music producers, coaster designers and other creative problem-solvers do what they do, and explains how design concepts and math become real life experiences in the worlds of art, entertainment and extreme sports.

Visitors can design their own experience and, in some cases, email their creations to family and friends. They'll solve real world challenges and discover that math isn't just a subject in school but a fundamental, creative tool that can be used to design and invent!

Design Zone shines a spotlight on the world of art and design in the Art - See It! exhibit area.  Through hands-on activity stations such as Digital Design Domain, Architecture Studio and Video Game Design Lab, guests will design and create their own 2-D and 3-D art while exploring the math behind visual creativity.

Within the Music - Hear It! area, guests will be able to put together music tracks at a DJ recording studio, design and play instruments and create a laser light show for the dance floor at hands-on stations including DJ Recording Studio, On Stage! and Dance Party.

Designing a digital roller coaster and a skate park are the highlights within the Action - Move It! exhibit area.  Guests will design for speed, test gears and even compete in a bike race in the Action Sports Arena area and get the ball rolling to find out what it takes to create roller coaster thrills in the Theme Park exhibit area.

Creative problem-solving, design challenges, hands-on, interactive exhibits and a new perspective on the way everyday things are designed and made await in Design Zone!

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