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Breast cancer survivors find confidence and comfort at Elegant Essentials

Jun 27, 2017 12:59PM ● By Today's Family
By Laura Lytle

Women of all ages can gain a new sense of confidence from the fashionable fitted mastectomy bras and trendy clothing from the experts at Elegant Essentials.

It all starts with a phone call to set up a private appointment… and Elegant Essentials takes care of the rest.  Women can find a custom fit solution for breast prostheses, fashionable bras, pajamas, swimsuits and exercise wear as well as compression garments for lymphedema, hats and headwear.

Because personal information is collected by phone, including insurance and prescription coverage details, the fitting appointment focuses on the client’s lifestyle and what’s important on their journey.

“Our clients are in all stages of their journey, from newly diagnosed to post-surgery.  We help women feel comfortable and look beautiful.  Our garments are affordable for any woman, especially since some insurance companies will partially, if not fully cover the cost of the breast forms and bras,” said Shellie Graf, founder and board-certified fitter.

Graf was inspired to begin Elegant Essentials while working for a medical equipment company.  She knew she could provide women with something that fit comfortably and was beautiful.  Working from home in 1993, she would bring a suitcase wardrobe to her clients’ homes for fittings and help them to choose their style.  She finally opened a boutique in Medina in 1998, and opened another store in Mentor last year to serve her growing client base.

“Our bras are designed to hold the external weight of a breast prosthesis in the pocket of a bra instead of being unsecure against the body.  Our fabrics are soft and the straps provide exceptional support.  The personal and private fitting gives each woman symmetry whether she has had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or asymmetry,” Graf added.

Elegant Essentials bras range from $40 to $70.  Breast prostheses range from $225 to $400 while a custom breast form can be more than $3,000, though most insurance companies do help offset at least part, if not all of the cost.

Elegant Essentials’ caring staff makes the greatest difference.  Each compassionate, knowledgeable, board-certified fitter is sensitive to a client’s unique personal needs.  From measuring for bra size to selecting the perfect features and style, every client is pampered with personal care and attention.

Current clients can easily reorder new items that can be delivered by mail.  The fitters can even make changes in sizing for our out-of-state clients as their needs and bodies change.  New styles and items are available in spring (March) and fall (September).

“We have a passion for serving women through their journey. Women can trust they are in the best possible care,” said Graf.

For an appointment call Elegant Essentials in Mentor at 440-701-8377 or in Medina at 330-723-8880 or visit