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Kick off the school year with Duck Brand Moving Kits

Aug 04, 2017 01:31PM ● By Today's Family
Is your son or daughter starting college as a freshman or returning for their senior year?  If so, chances are they’ll experience new friends, new roommates and new places to call “home.” Whether you are helping them move into a dorm or their first apartment, the packing and unpacking process can seem cumbersome. But with a few quick tips – and tools – you can kick the school year off right.
Preparing for a move can help alleviate much of the stress and frustration. Make a list now and pick up the supplies you’ll need before you get started. To help you determine exactly what and how many supplies you’ll need, Duck® brand has a new online moving calculator at All you have to do is select the number of rooms you’re moving (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.), and Duck® brand will provide you with a recommended shopping list to print or share.
Once you have your supplies in-hand, it’s time to pack and protect. Keep your fragile belongings secure while on the move or in storage with Duck® brand Foam Cushioning, which easily conforms around each item, or Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, which features a nylon barrier that prevents air loss, ensuring the bubbles remain filled to best protect items. Once items are securely wrapped, seal boxes with a packaging tape, like EZ Start® packaging tape. For heavier items like books or pots and pans, use a stronger and more durable packaging tape, such as Duck® MAX packaging tape. Looking for an all-in-one moving solution? A Duck® brand Moving Kit simplifies the packing process. Each kit includes medium and large boxes, packaging tape and packing paper for a quick turnkey option.
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