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New Children's Museum set to re-open November 6

Sep 26, 2017 01:34PM ● By Today's Family
After two years of acquiring, fundraising, and designing all new innovative exhibits, The Children's Museum of Cleveland (CMC) announces its grand opening on Monday, November 6, 2017, at 9 a.m.

The CMC’s new home is the Stager-Beckwith mansion, one of the last remaining homes of Cleveland’s historic Millionaire’s Row, located at 3813 Euclid Avenue in Cleveland’s MidTown neighborhood.  The facility is four times the size of its prior location and triples the amount of parking spaces.  It is located two blocks from I-90/71/77, making it accessible for all families in northeast Ohio.

CMC’s Director of Exhibits Karen Katz is the creative genius behind the scenes.  After years of meticulous research into the very best children’s spaces around the world, she designed thoughtful exhibits which focus on whole-child development keeping children’s interests at the heart of this endeavor. Permanent exhibits include:
  • Adventure City: From a market to a two-story climber to construction site, their largest exhibit space invites children to build, work, climb, and explore this bustling city.
  • Wonder Lab:  Children can explore whirlpools, jets, rivers, and more in two fun-filled water tables as other friends build ball tracks on the magnetic wall, make scarves fly through the air, and create cascades of bubbles.
  • Making Miniatures: Children learn how miniaturists make pint-sized objects, design tiny rooms, and build small houses. 
For more information on the museum’s opening, visit its new website: