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New pediatric concussion baselines testing now available to area parents & children

Using recognized current standards, coupled with the new ImPACT Pediatric Concussion Baseline software, athletes as young as 5 years old can now begin to benefit from evaluations that medical professionals can use to assess them for a safe return to play after a traumatic brain injury, concussion or sports-related injury.  These technologies document objectively how the kids/athletes perform when they are healthy so a comparative point has been established. 

“We are now able to provide peace of mind to parents of athletes starting at age 5 in any sport where there is potential for collision and to support medical professionals with objective documentation to safely return athletes to play after an injury.  That said, we are proud to be able to bring this needed service to northeast Ohio,” said Pete Laikos, president, PEG, LLC.

Until recently only a computerized baseline test for children over 12 has been offered and only to select high schools athletes.

“It’s important to have baseline data for young athletes because they’re at a higher risk for head and brain injuries.” They don’t have the core strength yet and there’s more of what’s called the bobble-head effect. And because they don’t have that core strength, there’s a lot more of the whiplash or snap-back mechanism to the brain – leading to concussion," said Dr. Joseph Congeni, Children’s Hospital’s Sports Medical Center in Akron.

To get more information for your school or youth organization visit  [email protected].