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Every Bean Boutique joins Clothes Without Limits in a quest to change the world of children’s clothing

Every Bean Boutique announces their newly instated membership with Clothes Without Limits, a professional consortium that challenges gender clichés in children’s clothing. Together, they plan to rid the world of the limitations caused by distinctly gendered clothing for children using a combination of bringing awareness to the issue and spotlighting like-minded brands. Every Bean Boutique is one of four companies recently approved to join the CWL family. Each new member will have their company’s products featured on the CWL website in the coming weeks.

Every Bean Boutique has been selling non-gendered infant and toddler clothing since last year and has been searching for like minded companies since conception. When Every Bean Founder Nikki Yeager stumbled upon CWL, she knew it was a perfect match. As Nikki says, “By partnering with CWL, we hope to amplify our voice, and those of other CWL members, to make our message heard. It’s time to evaluate just how limiting the current structure of children’s clothing is”.

About Every Bean Boutique

Every Bean Boutique believes in clothing as it is -- non-gendered. The company was founded by entrepreneur and mother, Nikki Yeager after an incident involving her infant son, a broom, and a pair of pink leggings. Afterwards, she decided it was time to do something about the confining gender norms placed on children starting in infancy.

She hopes to shed light on the fact that clothing is not inherently gendered, it’s just fabric sewn together. Every Bean Boutique provides a safe shopping space for children and parents to pick whatever items speak to them without the influence of societal norms and gendered labeling or messages. Follow Every Bean’s blog for updates, or check out their Facebook page for more information.

About Clothes Without Limits

Clothes Without Limits is a professional consortium including eleven companies, plus an additional four new members. CWL aims to challenge gender clichés in children’s clothing. Members stand united in their belief that the options kids see show them who they can be.

The entrepreneurs behind each company are all parents who began making children’s clothing because they felt the narrow selection of childrenswear available at mainstream retailers put limits on their children’s imaginations – and they decided to do something about it. You can now purchase clothing from each member company on the Clothes Without Limits website, or visit their Facebook page for more information.