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Dr. U.R. Awesome creates bubble magic for all ages

Jan 22, 2018 11:42AM
By Laura Lytle

What does it look like from inside a bubble?

You can find out if you meet Dr. Dr. U.R. Awesome, aka Gary Pearlman, and three-time Guinness World Record winner for the largest outdoor and indoor free-floating bubble.

A lifelong entertainer, Pearlman spent several years as a magician twisting balloon animals before discovering bubbles make him - and everyone he’s ever met - happy.

“I had just come back from a cruise entertaining families making balloon animals when I saw a grandmother blowing bubbles for children.  They were all laughing and it dawned on me… I know a lot of entertainers, but none that work with bubbles,” said Pearlman.

After some research and talking with a few professional bubble experts around the country, including Megan Parker the first woman to hold the largest free-floating soap bubble record, Pearlman decided to attempt a world record himself and learn a few tricks.

In 2014 he set a world record with a bubble that was 824 cubic feet (about the size of a FedEx truck).  He attempted to best his own record in 2015, with added witnesses and expert support including a researcher from NASA Glen in Cleveland that calculated his bubble for the record.  In that attempt he created an astounding bubble of 3,399 cubic feet – a bubble the size of two school buses!

With numerous witnesses, cameraman and photographer at his side, Pearlman immediately went inside the Cleveland Botanical Garden at Wade Oval to create a new record for the largest indoor free-floating bubble of 626 cubic feet - the previous Guinness World Record for an indoor bubble was 117 cubic feet.  This past summer a man in Australia broke that record.  Pearlman plans to reclaim it in a few months at his alma mater of Cleveland Heights High School. 

Today, you can also catch Pearlman doing bubble tricks at numerous outdoor events across Cleveland including church carnivals, Wade Oval Wednesdays in the summer, private parties and birthdays.

While he knows many bubble tricks, the most requested ones are a square bubble, bubble inside a bubble, and the volcano can. One of the more challenging tricks Pearlman can perform is the merry-go-round.

“My favorite bubble trick is putting someone inside a bubble!  The hula-hoop size bubble fits most anyone (or two) as it encases one in giant soap bubble tube.  Just the faces I see from children when they are in it is worth a 1000 words,” said Pearlman.

“I really enjoy bubbling with people.  It's just good clean fun.  Everyone loves to make bubbles… kids, parents, and seniors.  I think blowing bubbles has a therapeutic calming effect that just takes over to help us relax,” he added.

Dr. U.R. Awesome shared he uses a modified industrial bubble recipe for super size bubbles but the best solution at home is a basic recipe: one cup soap (Dawn or Joy dish soap), eight cups water, add tablespoon baking powder, and mix with one heaping spoon of guar gum which gives it elasticity and can create huge bubbles.

For more information on finding Dr. Dr. U.R. Awesome making bubble magic around Cleveland, visit or