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Sailing for Science: The Voyage of the Blossom exhibit now open!

Sailing for Science: The Voyage of the Blossom is now on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History now through August 5, 2018.  This substantial in-house presentation tells the extraordinarily story of the voyage of the three-masted schooner Blossom and its 16-man crew that set sail on October 29, 1923.

The exhibit includes a variety of mediums to tell the story of the fabled voyage of the Blossom…tales of mutiny, adventure and discovery.  Glass lantern slides with images imprinted on glass panes and dozens of objects from the 20,000-mile transoceanic trek are on display, many that have never been shown publicly.  The lantern slides depict scenes throughout the expedition, from the mundane (crewman shaving on the deck) to the dramatic (scrambling to recover gear after a landing boat capsized).  A scaled-down ship’s bow is a hands-on play area for children, complete with a spyglass and steering wheel.

On display in the exhibit is a simulation of a captain’s desk, holding books, navigational tools and a reproduction of a hand-drawn map of South Trinidad (Trindade) Island where the Blossom laid anchor to explore and collect birds.  Also on display will be Blossom scientists’ field notebooks with sketches of the fish they collected; jars of lizards, geckos and mollusks; the voluminous field accession book that catalogues the nearly 13,000 specimens gathered on the voyage; an oil painting of the Blossom at sea, and the weathered 48-star U.S. flag that flew from the Blossom’s mast during its long journey.

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