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TapeScape-Sticky Science

Apr 17, 2018 11:16AM
Get ready for an exhibition unlike any the Science Center has presented before – TapeScape-Sticky Science!  Everyone is familiar with the unmistakable shrrrrrrrriiiippp sound that tape makes as it’s coming off the roll, but there’s more to this everyday material than you ever imagined!

Using the humble product known as packing tape, the Science Center and designer/artist Eric Lennartson are building a two-level, 1,300-square-foot, all-ages playground entirely out of packing tape wrapped around a metal frame – a TapeScape!  When completed, it will use nearly 75 miles of tape – enough to stretch from downtown Cleveland all the way to Youngstown!

Using everything from Velcro to Oreo cookie models, and suction cups to bristle blocks, guests will discover the physical and chemical processes that contribute to “stickiness” by:
  • Using a pin screen to investigate how geckos cling to glass
  • Looking through a polariscope to view rainbows of stress in clear tape’s backing, and assemble a puzzle that appears clear to the naked eye
  • Observing the way Velcro's hooks mimic plant burrs, and learn how science looks to nature for innovative solutions to everyday problems.
  • Pulling apart Oreo cookie models to learn about adhesion versus cohesion.
  • Discovering how sticky tape can turn frosted glass clear.
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