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An apple a day still keeps the doctor away

The Patterson Fruit Farm annual Fun Fest will be open daily from September 15 through October 28.  With that in mind, here are 10 ways for you to enjoy the many benefits of apples. 

1)  Fresh apples just picked off the trees are still converting starch to sugar and may taste dry and bland.   Give them a few days and you’ll begin to taste the true flavor and juiciness (keep in your refrigerator).  If you passed by an apple last week because of this starchiness, give it another try this week.

2) Buy what you can keep in your refrigerator.  Store in plastic bags, cover with damp cloth or place in vegetable bins.  Watch that the temperature isn’t too cold and freezes them.  Refrigerators are self-defrosting now and tend to pull the moisture out of the apples so they shrivel.

3)  Children can eat the skin of the apple and win since the vitamins and other nutrients are just under the skin.  As you choose apples sample them for thin skins.

4)  People used to choose apples because of their color and prettiness but, more and more, people are tasting them before buying.  Flavor is the winning characteristic followed by texture.

5)  Most orchards are open all winter so, rather than store a huge amount of apples in your home, come back often.  Later in the season additional varieties ripen and carry through the winter better than the earlier varieties.

EverCrisp, Melrose, Fugi, Goldrush, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Pink Lady, Crimson Crisp, Goldrush, Stayman Winesap, Cameo, Crispin are examples.

6)  An apple is 85% water (SO good for you!).  But, because of this, it is important to get apples safely in storage before the weather brings freezing temperatures.  Thus, September and October are the harvest times for apples.  However, don't forget apples in the winter —growers can keep them crisp and fresh by their careful care in storage.

7)  Experiment with cider and maple syrup in your recipes instead of sugar and water.  Nature’s bounty adds a special taste.

8) Try not to add water to your applesauce as it cooks (use the microwave) – if fearful of scorching add a bit of cider.

9)  Colorful applesauce – cook it with the skins on then use a Foley food mill.  Jonathan, Cortland and Empire varieties.  You will get pretty color from Golden Delicious.  Blending varieties is fun, too. 

10)  Healthy cooking is the trend today.  Have you ever fried apples?  Mmm good!   But, better for your health is to microwave those apples to a soft apple consistency and flavor to taste with maple syrup, cider or brown sugar and butter.   Just one example of changes we can make to our own lifestyles.

Patterson Family's Fun Fest takes place at their Mulberry Road location.  Call them at 440-729-1964 or visit for more information.