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From singing to guitar, School of Rock inspires young artists

By Laura Lytle

During the last 10 years, the School of Rock has been inspiring young artists with music lessons and programs that give kids the complete rock experience including a live public performance.

“Our programs are designed to inspire kids to learn to play music and get them on stage to perform.  No prior musical experience is necessary to start in our school and once they are ready we take their passion and enthusiasm to build a life-long love for music,” said Marysa Brogan, general manager at the School of Rock in Highland Heights.

All School of Rock programs use a performance-based music education approach where the students learn a specific set of songs as a way of learning key music concepts and skills.
Whether a student is just starting out or already has some experience, the School of Rock instructors feed the musical souls of students 3 to 18 years old. 

Rock Rookies (kids ages 6-7) are exposed to all types of musical instruments and gain a better sense of music fundamentals.  Through a group experience they learn about chords, rhythm and song structure.  Then in Rock 101 (ages 8-13) kids rehearse while having fun playing in a band and preparing for their first live rock concert.

Once a child has a sense of what they want to pursue, they can move onto Rock 101 – the complete experience of playing in a band.  In addition to weekly private lessons, the students play together as a band and have a live performance at the end of their program in a real venue outside of the school.

Every few months, Performance Program students (ages 8-18) take the stage and play at local music venues in front of a real audience at Brothers Lounge, Winchester or Beachland Ballroom.  The band is assigned about 20 songs that are tailored to the groups’ age and experience. They practice weekly as a band and in private lessons to refine their skills and music concepts.  As the hallmark program of the school, Performance Program students are always ready to rock.

“We hear from parents all the time they wish there was a program like this when they were growing up… and we’re proud to say they can still get this experience.  From vocals to guitar, drums and keyboards we help adults with varying levels of musical talent to learn music concepts and have the opportunity to perform at the end of the session,” added Marysa.

Anyone is welcome to visit the School of Rock for a free class to find which program best fits their level of experience.  Interested students and parents can learn more about the School of Rock in Highland Heights by visiting or calling 440-684-7625.

Fall sign-ups are happening through early October to assign students into bands and begin working towards their next performance in January.  Students can begin lessons at any time throughout the year but the performance-based programs do have a schedule before they hit the stage.