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Auburn Career Center readies itself for the new economy

For students and adult learners looking to excel in today’s workforce, Auburn Career Center is there to provide the path to success.  Now, the cutting-edge career center, which has brought innovative career and technical education to students and adult learners in an array of industries for more than 50 years, announces a new brand identity and campaign focused on “Knowledge for the New Economy.”

Designed to illustrate the center’s leading position in arming individuals with the latest skills and training to meet the modern economy with confidence, this new campaign aims to position Auburn Career Center as the lead voice in the skilled workforce development conversation among educators, students, parents and employers.

The new branding, which features a content messaging strategy centered on “Life on Purpose,” recognizes that entering the workforce directly from high school, attending college, or joining the military, is a lifestyle choice, rather than a decision made by default.  The new “Life on Purpose” messaging leverages success stories of Auburn Career Center alumni to highlight the institution as an “equal alternative” for high school students as well as adults.

“There’s a common misconception that workforce training institutions are a second choice for those not able or interested in attending college,” said Brian Bontempo, superintendent of Auburn Career Center.  “That’s just not true.  We believe that attitude and goals drive achievements.  Our students are strivers – good enough is not good enough, so they strive for better,” said Bontempo.

Meeting today’s need for workforce education, Auburn Career Center offers programs in an array of industries including healthcare services, automotive, hospitality, beauty, emergency services, industrial maintenance and facilities management, in addition to training in growing segments like healthcare and tech, and in those facing a skills gap such as manufacturing and welding.

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