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Children's Museum of Cleveland Museum Opens New Exhibits, Playlist and Theater, and more

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland (CMC) celebrates one year in its new home, 3813 Euclid Ave., shattering projected attendance and membership records. Recently, it opened two new permanent exhibits, Playlist and Theater. Two additional rooms, Brick Works, off of Making Miniatures; and Noodle Doodle, off of Wonder Lab, are now open.

“There are many ways the performing arts benefit young children so it was important for the Museum to have spaces dedicated to music, dance and play acting,” says Karen Katz, Director of Exhibits.

The magic of Theater comes to life here as children use their imagination and collaborate to put on their own unique performances. Young performers, set designers and directors can create their own productions using costumes, props and set design. Children may pretend to be an actor, dancer, costume designer, or stage hand — allowing for limitless creativity and teamwork.

In the Playlist exhibit, children are immersed in a one-of-a-kind, musical experience, and encouraged to self-express with props and pretend instruments to create changing silhouettes on a dramatically lit shadow wall of moving shapes. Anyone can become a conductor, dancer or musician to celebrate the beauty of music and movement.

In October 2018, the Museum opened its highly anticipated exhibit — the Meadow, specifically for its youngest visitors, from birth to age 3. Infants, crawlers, and early walkers have a bright, clean, sensory-rich environment to explore, as they make sense of this fascinating world.

The CMC’s mission is to support the learning and development of ALL young children and strives to lower the barrier to admission in new and creative ways. Its Museum For All program lowers the cost of admission from $12 to $2 per person for families receiving federal assistance. The Museum welcomes 15,000 visitors annually through Museum For All.

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