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The Womb Wellness Center specializes in therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and doula services

By Nina Polien Light

Taking care of herself may be the last thing on a woman’s mind when she is nauseated from pregnancy, frustrated with 2 a.m. feedings, exhausted from dealing with teenagers or lacking energy as she enters menopause.  But, it’s exactly what she needs.  That’s why Jolynn Radin, LMT, CD (DONA), opened The Womb Wellness Center.

“I wanted to create a warm, nourishing space for women to come in for body work and find support during pregnancy and the postpartum time,” says Radin, a massage therapist, birth doula and mother of three sons, ages 5, 2 and newborn.  “It’s blossomed from there in the last five-and-a-half years.  I see women from all stages of life come in for tissue work or therapeutic massage.  A lot of clients have partners, so we do see men, as well.”

The idea—and name—for The Womb Wellness Center came from Radin’s work with prenatal clients.  When she first began practicing massage, she grew interested in fertility issues and the Ayurvedic technique of abdominal therapy, a traditional Mayan healing practice that involves repositioning the uterus to boost fertility.  After spending many years working in Nashville, the Solon native returned to northeast Ohio in 2013 and opened The Womb Wellness Center in Pepper Pike.  She moved it to Solon in May 2016.

The services and programs are as varied as the women who take advantage of them.  The center offers many types of body work, including deep-tissue, therapeutic and Swedish massage, as well as lymphatic drainage, Reiki and acupuncture.  Massages are available on site or, in some cases, in a client’s home.

“We really offer therapeutic massage as opposed to general relaxation massage,” Radin says.  “We cater to people who have chronic issues or injuries or want that regular continuity of care that will work their muscles out.  We are more of a wellness center than a spa.”

An acupuncturist is trained in traditional Chinese medicine.

Prenatal and postpartum doulas guide women through pregnancy and offer in-home support as their families adapt to life with a newborn. Childbirth education classes, couples’ workshops, breastfeeding support classes and a monthly fertility support group are offered.

Women may also reach out to The Womb Wellness Center for placenta encapsulation and belly binding.  The former involves preparing the woman’s placenta into pills that are thought to restore balance, hasten recovery and restore her sense of well-being.  The latter entails wrapping a woman’s belly and hips to create support and promote healing.  The wrap is typically worn for about six weeks following childbirth.

Many pregnant women enjoy getting henna body art. (It’s available to those who aren’t pregnant, too.)  The safe, tree-based paste is used to create temporary designs on the body.  The Womb Wellness Center’s artist mostly decorates pregnant bellies, but she also draws designs on hands and feet.

Radin says operating The Womb Wellness Center is gratifying.

“I really enjoy offering not only a space for therapeutic work, but also a space for women to come and feel that sense of community and self-care,” she says.  “One of my biggest things is encouraging women to take care of themselves. It makes me happy to see women making that a priority in their lives.”

For more information, visit or call 216-633-2828.