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Thrive Arts Center encourages and nurtures your dancer's personal growth

Thrive Arts Center has crafted each dance offering with the student in mind to create a warm, welcoming and accepting environment.

Fun and Engaging
At Thrive Arts Center your child will be captivated in a world of joy and wonder.  Their teachers create a magical environment for exploration and development through dance. They believe that the best learning happens when your child is having fun and building bonds.

Safe and Social
For your child to truly blossom they need emotional and social connection. That's why at Thrive they ensure that each individual child feels safe to express themselves and connect to their teacher and classmates.  After all, dance friends are forever friends!

Dance Starts Here: Pre-Ballet the Leap ‘N Learn Way
Thrive Arts Center's specialty is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your little one to THRIVE.  Leap ‘N Learn isn't any ordinary preschool dance program,––it is designed and delivered in a way that focuses on the brain and body connecting to learn.

Your child's development and joy is their number one priority!

Dance offerings at Thrive Arts Center include Leap ‘N Learn pre-ballet, tap and hip hop.
Join them for an introductory class!  The best way to get to know them is to come and visit.
Thrive Arts Center is located in Beachwood. 

For more info call them at 216-991-1063, visit them online at, or email them at [email protected]

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