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Visit Mickey

Tricia, the owner of Visit Mickey, celebrating a banner birthday with her husband and two children.

In addition to a 27-year friendship, Tricia Scott and Darlene Porter each share a passion for all things Disney.  Because of this love they formed the travel company they call Visit Mickey.

Now in their sixth year of business, Visit Mickey focuses on helping families plan their magical vacations.  Their team of over 20 are perfectly staffed to help families with all their travel dreams and have worked hard to be recognized as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. 
It’s important to note that Visit Mickey does not charge for their planning services.  “Disney pays us to take care of you,” Tricia explained.  Just another reason she loves being part of the Disney family.

Visit Mickey also specializes in planning trips for families with special needs.  It began when team member Darlene wanted to share her love of Disney with her young son who has special needs.  Although she knew the parks and attractions well from years of visits through her childhood and into her adult life, she had never looked at them through the eyes of a special needs child.  That trip prompted her to figure out how to help her son best enjoy the Disney experience.

Over the years, the Visit Mickey team has found a multitude of tips and tricks, and their experience has helped countless other families with special needs children capture the magic of Disney as well. 

“It’s important to note that at Visit Mickey, we serve guests, not clients.  We interview all of our guests at length about their wants and needs for a pending trip.  For special needs families, we find out the child’s likes, needs, and particular sensory considerations, etc.” Tricia explained.  They have planned trips for families with children that have cerebral palsy, MS, seizures, and autism, and have helped those in wheelchairs or scooters successfully navigate magical Disney vacations.  “We check in with the family along the way," she explained.  “We’re on the phone, contacting people to make sure it goes well.” said Tricia.

A few years ago, they launched an offshoot called Tipster Travel to help families and individuals make non-Disney vacation plans.  Through Tipster Travel, they are Universal Orlando Authorized Travel Professionals, and offer a variety of all-inclusive resorts and a variety of cruise line packages as well.  Tricia and her team are driven to provide very memorable vacations for all, regardless of destination.

Prior to any Disney trip, every guest is provided with tips and tricks to make their vacation successful. They have the same agent throughout the planning process, and they’re given their agent’s phone number, as well as the office number, in case any issues arise during their trip. 

For more information or help planning your next Disney vacation, see Visit Mickey online at, call (440) 709-4379, or see Visit Mickey on Facebook. 
For help with your non-Disney travel plans, visit