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Curtailing the COVID doldrums

The Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities (LCBDD)/Deepwood partnered with The Fine Arts Association to bring art and music therapy to residents at the County Board Intermediate Care Facilities --ARC and Jacklitz Continuing Development Center (JCDC)-- during the shelter-at-home time period amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Music has been recognized as therapeutic as early as the 1790s and brings a wealth of joy and benefits, in particular to persons who have developmental disabilities.  Art therapy, which was titled in 1942, is the therapeutic use of art making to promote physical, social and emotional health and well-being.  Knowing the benefits of such therapy, The Fine Arts Association and LCBDD/Deepwood’s Community Outreach Department collaborated to connect residents with community-based art and music therapy using a HIPAA compliant online application. 

Trained therapists appeared on a TV screen in front of a small group of residents. Supplies for art projects were provided and stations were set up six feet apart for each resident to participate in the project. 

For music therapy, a collection of rhythm instruments was collected.  Each week, upbeat music and therapy instructions had everyone moving up and down and all around to the tempo. 

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