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If you are experiencing domestic abuse, Forbes House is here for you

Abuse comes in many forms; it is not defined by age, sex, race, geography, class or religion.  Abuse can come from a spouse, a partner, a sibling, an offspring, a friend or a caregiver…anyone!

It comes from a mouth once laced with loving words now spewing profanities full of hate and anger.  It comes from arms that once wrapped your body with a warm hug now pushing, choking and punching. It comes from the hand that once provided money now limiting and controlling your access to it.  This is important because frequently, abuse is brushed off as bad behavior or “that’s just how he/she is” when in fact it is not okay at all.  

If someone’s behavior affects you negatively, producing anxiety and you find yourself actively doing things to avoid a potential confrontation or an angry outburst by your abuser, you may want to reevaluate your relationship.  You want to get out and Lake County’s only domestic violence shelter, Forbes House, is here to help.  

From our 24-hour help line to support groups, legal advocacy and individual counseling we are here to help.  If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship and needs immediate assistance, please call our help line at (440) 357-1018. 

Instead of needing help, you want to help?  Here are a few ways to do so because your generosity is what allows us to focus on our work to empower and support survivors of domestic violence.  Monetary contributions and gift cards (Uber, Giant Eagle, Target, Marc’s, Walmart) are always appreciated.  Our needs include nonperishable food, disinfecting wipes, cleaning supplies, paper towels, tall kitchen bags, plastic utensils, paper plates, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, size 6 diapers, baby monitors, new yoga pants, adult coloring books and arts and crafts. 

Our annual reverse raffle fundraiser on October 9, 2020 will be virtual this year!  Look for your chance to win $2,500 along with amazing raffle prizes, the spirit table and wine pull! Save the Date and look for more details on our Facebook Page or website at