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Enroll your child in a FREE full-day kindergarten program

A high-quality educational experience in a Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) kindergarten program is important because we know the majority of a child's brain develops by age five.  An early childhood learning experience provides students with nurturing, play-based activities that encourage the development of minds that inquire, think critically and problem solve.  Our educators are highly trained to deliver early literacy skills and focus on language-rich programs and social & emotional development skills to help children succeed throughout their educational career.

All kindergarten classrooms integrate literacy, math, social studies and science practices, and Encore classes include music, physical education and media. Students develop early digital literacy and problem-solving skills throughout the integrated, play-based curriculum.  Select schools offer Spanish, computer classes, art and more.  CMSD is committed to providing iPads and hotspots to families in need.

Call (216) 838-3675 to speak with an enrollment specialist today!