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Local Girl Scout receives national life-saving award

Girl Scout Cadette Natalie Bair, 12, of northeast Ohio, was awarded the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) medal of honor for saving the life of her younger brother during a car ride.  The medal of honor is given only to those Girl Scouts who display heroic acts beyond their degree of maturity and training.

Natalie was awarded the medal of honor along with a congratulatory letter from GSUSA’s CEO, Sylvia Acevedo.  She is being recognized for saving her half-brother, Milo, from choking in the car.  Milo was only 17 months old when Natalie saved him.

While driving south on 1-71, Natalie and her family were headed toward Mansfield.  Milo started to choke on a cracker while Natalie’s mom, Joyce, was driving.  Natalie was in the back seat of the van, noticed her brother was choking, and immediately notified her mom who was unable to pull over immediately.  Natalie took matters into her own hands by undoing the car seat Milo was in, taking him out, turning him over, and hitting his back until the cracker came out.

“I tried to find a place to pull over, but it happened so fast.  She took care of the situation [so quickly] that I didn’t have to stop,” said Joyce, in a letter to GSUSA.

Natalie remained calm and quick-thinking to save her brother from choking on the cracker.
“It takes courage to do what she did without hesitation,” said GSNEO Chief Executive Officer Jane Christyson.  “Natalie’s actions saved her brother’s life and for that, we are happy to present her with this national award.”

Girl Scouts have been honored since 1913 for meritorious deeds that helped save lives.  Training in health and safety is a part of the Girl Scout program.  A Girl Scout, because of the Promise, Law, motto, and slogan to which she has subscribed, is expected to be resourceful, skilled, and competent – to have presence of mind and to be of service to others.  Each situation has many unique factors, and many things are taken into consideration for determining if an act is of unusual bravery beyond that which is expected of a Girl Scout.

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