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You can provide a child their "forever home"

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, most of us retreated to our homes.  Sequestered with our loved ones we worked and learned together, cooked and ate together, watched a lot of Netflix together, and had family game nights.  Many of us rediscovered or came to an even stronger appreciation for the comfort, joy and security of home and family.  

But imagine being in foster care, not sure who was going to take care of you, not having a permanent family to help calm your fears and anxiety. Imagine dealing with all that 2020 has brought us without the comfort, joy and security of home and family.  

In Cuyahoga County there are almost 3,000 children in county care.  More than 600 of those children and teens are in permanent custody.  We may be practicing social distancing, but none of us goes through this world alone. Every child needs family.  

For children and teens, having adults who can love, guide and reassure them has been essential to navigating remote learning, disconnection from friends, and canceled activities.  That’s why during the pandemic we’ve continued to work to find permanent families for children in foster care.

This isn’t always easy, but we never give up.  I truly believe there is a family for every child.  For every boy or girl with special needs or unique interests, there is a family to match.  You or someone you know could be that match.  Visit to find out what it takes to adopt and see some of the resilient children who need a family.  Or call our recruitment line at (216) 881-5775.

Cynthia Weiskittel, MPA, Director
Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services

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