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In This Issue – March 2021 Cuyahoga

Hi everyone!

March is here and from what we can tell, people are starting to feel optimistic about 2021.  Spring weather is drawing near, daylight is getting longer and COVID-19 numbers are trending downwards as the vaccines are rolling out.  We all deserve a break!

Like every March, this issue features a summer camp guide.  This year, most camps are tailoring their programs around COVID-19 by limiting attendance, implementing strict sanitizing measures, allowing for social distancing  and wearing masks when appropriate.  Hopefully, by the time summer gets here, we won't have to worry too much about all that.  But better safe than sorry.

This issue also features articles about a few Cuyahoga businesses and organizations along with a couple of great events to attend with your family.  You can view an interactive PDF of the issue here.  We are hoping as the pandemic subsides, more and more of your favorite places to visit and events to attend will be back and ready to go again.

Until then, stay safe and be sure to sign your children for summer camp today.  You don't want them to miss out on a summer of fun!

Dan and Kim Miller
Owners, Today's Family Magazine