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Cleveland Aquarium's Spring Discovery Days March 19 – April 11

Have you gotten a glimpse of a male poison dart frogs’ heart-shaped toes or a weedy seadragon’s long, tubular snout?  Ever watched horseshoe crab use its tail to right itself or a garden eel stretch to snatch passing prey?  When did you last examine a sea star’s tiny tube feet or a sandtiger shark’s pointed teeth?  The Greater Cleveland Aquarium (2000 Sycamore Street, Cleveland, OH I 216.862.8803 I is adding hours mid-March through mid-April as part of Spring Discovery Days to allow guests to get a closer look at some amazing animals.  “If you’re feeling like you’ve tapped out your streaming services, consider giving aquarium-watching a try,” says GM Stephanie White, adding, “It’s always fascinating, a little unpredictable and studies have shown it actually reduces stress levels.” 

Beginning March 19 and running through April 11, Greater Cleveland Aquarium will be open Mondays – Thursdays from 10am – 5pm* and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 6pm.*  Spring Discovery Days guests are encouraged to try a new “I Spy” challenge, learn a little tiny animal trivia or try their hand at shark tooth identification. The Aquarium was built inside a historic powerhouse so designers had to get creative and many of its exhibits start at the floor, jut out from thick, brick walls or are entirely freestanding with 360-degree views, notes White, adding,  “In nature, the beauty is often in the details, and you can gain a good appreciation for the design of an octopus when it’s crossing a clear arch directly over your head.” 

Clean committed, the Aquarium is operating at a reduced capacity with a limited number of tickets available every half hour to ensure social distancing. Those not able to venture out can participate in shared virtual experiences, schedule a private online program or take part in a live, at-home Take a Closer Look Tour on Tuesday, April 6 at 4pm (up to 4 participants per screen - $18 general, $12 Passholders).  

“Spring Discovery Days is about getting up-close views of aquatic life, not other guests,” says White.