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Spring returns to the Cleveland Botanical Garden

To celebrate the arrival of spring in a big way, Holden Forest & Gardens presents Return of the Butterflies at the Cleveland Botanical Garden –– a visual treat with more than 600 newly emerged butterflies in the Costa Rica biome beginning Saturday, April 3, 2021.

The butterflies will bring the Glasshouse to life — amazing, colorful, moving, exhilarating life and you’ll see them actively searching for nectar as food sources, flying around as you interact with them while walking in the Glasshouse. 

In addition to the butterflies, the acres and acres of outdoor gardens come to life during the month of April.  Fragrant blooms of snowflake Viburnums, the charming pinwheel-like blooms of Creeping Phlox and the annual tulip display will all be able to be enjoyed later in the month.

Trees have their flowering season including the stunning Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry along with the ephemeral blooms of the Apple Serviceberry.  In the Gateway garden be sure to enjoy the subtle and compelling blooms of the Weeping Katsura tree.  Just beyond the fence of White Oak Walk you can’t miss the dramatic yellows of daffodils situated like golden curtains for an iridescent blue stage of Siberian squill.

A limited number of advanced reservations are available each day. Face masks must be worn in the interior and exterior gardens.

Visit for more information.