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Wildlife Rescue: Miracles in Conservation exhibit at CMNH

What is it like to spend a day in the life of a wildlife rescuer?  Find out in Wildlife Rescue: Miracles in Conservation, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s eye-opening, inspiring, and wildly interactive experience for all ages.

Maintaining the health of all habitats and ecosystems on this planet is of vital importance.  In fact, our survival depends on it. Visit the exhibit today, and gain a new appreciation for the interconnectedness of life on Earth.

In this traveling exhibition, you’ll explore the innovative ways wildlife rescuers capture, raise, and release endangered species back to the wild, and care for animals after natural disasters.  You’ll even see a diverse living collection of animals that highlight endangered species and harrowing rescue stories.

Get hands-on experience with 15 interactive displays and simulations, including:

  • Taking a simulated flight on an ultra-light to guide young whooping cranes along their first migratory route.
  • Learning the methods used to milk lake sturgeon in order to breed and reintroduce the fish into the Great Lakes.
  • Journeying to Africa and Indonesia at the Return to the Wild theatre and witnessing the dedicated efforts of caretakers to successfully raise and release young elephants and orangutans to the wild.
  • Watching fascinating live presentations at 11 different animal habitats.
  • And so much more!

Visitors will receive complimentary stylus tools to press buttons, touch screens, turn cranks, and move objects safely throughout the exhibit.

Everyone has a role to play in the story of wildlife rescue—including you. Step into the shoes of those who dedicate their lives to animal conservation and begin your journey as a wildlife rescuer.

Advance tickets are required to visit the Museum.  Entrance to Wildlife Rescue is included with general admission.  Visit