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Lake County single mom works her way through college and goes on to entrepreneurial success

Donna Brewster, owner of MD Carpet and RestorX MD.

By Deanna Adams

For years now, RestorX MD in Mentor has been known as a disaster recovery company, repairing homes and businesses after fire, water, smoke, and mold damage.  The company was even responsible for restoring the historic West Side Market building when it experienced fire and smoke damage in 2013.  It’s fitting, too, that its parent company, MD Carpet, with its residential and commercial services, including cleaning oriental rugs, brings renewed cleanliness and beauty into homes and businesses alike.  

Their success story has much to do with one person.  Owner Donna Brewster is a great example of what happens when fortitude and perseverance becomes a driving force.  After divorce made her a single mom of two children under the age of 8, she decided to go back to school.  She received her associates degree at Lakeland Community College, then went on to Cleveland State University to obtain her accounting degree.  This meant attending school at night while working as a server a couple of nights a week and still being there for her children during the day.  She passed her CPA exam on the first attempt, which is notable since only 30% pass on their first try.  “I was also working with someone doing tax returns,” she says.  “It was a hectic time, crazy even, but you do what you have to do.”

By 1996, with those goals under wraps, she and her sister, Jane, started their own retirement services firm, Brewster & Brewster.  Soon, she was serving on the board of directors for the ASPPA (American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries), a national organization for career retirement plan professionals.  As her children grew, so did her goals.  “In 2007/2008, I purchased the assets of MD Carpet and RestorX MD, and we are now undergoing a rebranding of the businesses.”

While both businesses have always focused on restoring and remodeling, it now includes construction needs, headed by her son, Brian Soltis. “My son, now 41, is preparing to take over the construction side of the business,” she says.  This means that the company is evolving into “living space construction,” which will include garages, “she sheds,” art studios, and mother-in-law cottages. 

This will be in addition to offering inside improvements, such as kitchen, bathrooms, and basement services.  Brewster ensures that they use only the most skilled professionals and highest-quality materials.  And given her success in life skills, it’s a statement that certainly has merit.

Restorx MD and MD Carpet service Lake and Geauga counties, and surrounding communities.  

RestorX MD
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MD Carpet 
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