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Horizon Learning Centers

By Deanna Adams

There’s a lot that goes into child development and Horizon Learning Centers gives kids a whole new world to explore with a play-based curriculum that sparks creativity, independent thinking, self-help skills, and social interaction.

“We believe in dramatic play as being one of the best ways to learn,” says program supervisor, Nihada Nabulsi.  “We set the stage for them with all the needed materials and they take off from there.”

Creative Curriculum is where students use dramatic play, such as a store setup, to learn how to navigate real-life activities in a fun, collaborative, and educational way.  

“The classroom is set up for the particular interest that day and we provide things like calculators, pen, paper, whatever they need,” Nabulsi adds. “They learn through engagement.”

Horizon Learning Centers provide a clean, safe, educational setting and welcome infants (starting at six weeks), toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and school-age children up to 14 years of age. 

There are three locations in the Greater Cleveland area: Tremont, Euclid and Mentor.  All curriculum is researched-based and age-appropriate with quality certified, degreed teachers.  

Beginning at prekindergarten, students learn reading, mathematical concepts, science and nature studies, and computer skills.  Educational activities include brain games that are fun and interactive.

Each center also has their own kitchens so they can provide healthy, balanced meals every day.  Spring and summer allows the children to get out and learn hands on, by helping to plant vegetable gardens, often with their parents, giving them a personal connection to their nutritional enjoyment. 

During the pandemic, the center has always remained open.  

“We’ve done well with the COVID restrictions,” Nabulsi says. “We keep strict protocols.  Everyone must keep masks on, and we take temperatures twice a day.  Unfortunately, parents haven’t been allowed in the building, so they must drop the children off and pick up at the doors, but that has also worked well.”  The facility also provides transportation to and from most neighboring schools.

(Editor’s note: Check with the centers for current pandemic protocols.)

In conjunction with cognitive and creative learning, students develop needed social skills as they interact with their peers and teachers in a classroom environment.  And that includes playing together during before-and after-school care.

What truly sets Horizon Learning Centers apart is that they offer a state-funded free preschool program, provided to them by the Ohio Department of Education.   

“We are fortunate to have this grant, which allows us to provide free preschool for qualified parents. This allows the children to attend our center five days a week for two and a half hours,” says Nabulsi.  “It’s a wonderful opportunity we are proud to offer.”

Now that summer has arrived, the center is looking forward to getting kids back to a variety of outdoor activities.  “Our day camps are varied and a lot of fun.  We’re planning several field trips that include going to the zoo, Westside Market, and some parks, as well,” Nabulsi says. “We’ll also be having a camp within,” where we’ll have a lot of visiting instructors for science camp, soccer camp, basketball camp, karate camp, and dance camp.” 

Clearly, there is a lot going on at Horizon all year long.  So whether you’re looking for child care, preschool, before-or after-school programs, or summer camp, parents can be assured, their child will receive the quality educational experiences to help them grow and thrive, and have fun while doing it.

For more information, see their website at

Cleveland Location
2285 Columbus Road
(216) 344-3000

Euclid Location
1050 E 200th Street
(216) 481-3830

Mentor Location
8303 Tyler Boulevard
(440) 205-8420