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New books offer children simple ideas to stay healthy

Senders Pediatrics in South Euclid introduces four helpful new children’s books aimed at reminding children of steps they can take to remain healthy and safe during and beyond the pandemic. Way to Go Elbow, Sammy the Shot, Embrace Your Own Space and Task of the Mask all make use of fun illustrations and rhyming language to engage and educate young children.

Highlighting the importance of taking simple steps to help contain the spread of germs are themes of three of the books written by Joan Morgenstern, Senders Pediatrics parent coach and educator.  With a COVID-19 vaccine for children coming soon, Joan’s fourth book, Sammy the Shot, helps ensure children are well prepared when it is their turn to receive the vaccine. 

The release of the books is timed to remind children (and parents) that many of the practices learned to combat the spread of COVID-19 should remain in practice long after the pandemic is over.  

Way to Go Elbow encourages the safe practice of sneezing into ones elbow to prevent the spread of germs. Embrace Your Own Space uses the concept of a bubble to explain to children the abstract notion of physical distancing and personal boundaries. Task of The Mask is a reminder to young children to continue to wear face masks. 

“I was inspired to write these books when I observed how difficult it was for parents to explain and reinforce the messages to their children that sneezing into their elbow and physically distancing from friends and family was so critical”, said Joan Morgenstern. 

Books are available for purchase in softcover on Amazon for $7.99/each or on Kindle download for $2.99/each.  For more information visit