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Current Science: Extinction

The museum’s Current Science gallery is a dynamic, ever-changing space that allows on-staff curators and researchers to highlight the latest “buzz” from the science world.  Exhibits offer guests a way to see their place in the natural world while establishing links between the news of the day and the Museum’s research and collections.  This integrated visitor experience provides opportunities for interaction and one-on-one conversations with Museum researchers and educators.

With features designed to be flexible, such as new display cases and interactive screens, Current Science operates on a six-month thematic rotation. The space will serve as an incubator for testing new concepts that resonate the most with the community.  These themes and concepts speak to the Museum’s cutting-edge work in many different STEM fields, including conservation, human health and evolution, and others.  Portable work stations with integrated technology allow Museum scientists to demonstrate their work while sharing the impact of their research on the modern world. 

Current Theme: Extinction

Now through December 5, visitors to Current Science can explore the topic of extinction and the importance of protecting biodiversity.  The normal process of species loss—known as background extinction—occurs routinely over long periods of geologic time.  But sometimes extinction takes place at a higher rate for a relatively short interval.  Explore past mass-extinction events as well the current biodiversity crisis.