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Can women have it all? Yes we can!

By Pam Kurt

“Women, you can have it all — a loving man, devoted husband, loving children, a fabulous career.” ~Jada Pinkett Smith

As women we have an innate ability and desire to fix, solve, and nurture.  We are also pretty good at it!  But how do we blend those God-given gifts with work/life?  How do we really say “no” when we need to do so?  Is work/life balance a myth?  Can you have it all?  

In short, I say yes you can!

I believe it comes down to a few things to get work/life balance.

First are you doing what you love?  Where is your passion?  If you are doing what you love, money follows and it doesn’t feel like work.  Take the time to find your passion.  Is your current career something you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning and start working on?  Or is it  something that keeps you up at night worrying about the next step?  If it’s the latter, I would advise it’s not your passion and it’s not your purpose … you need to find it!

Second are you flexible?  This doesn’t mean get rid of boundaries, schedules and time frames but life happens.  You must understand things can’t always happen on your own time.  This is a hard one for me and I believe that everything happens for a reason.  But what is flexibility?  It is literally the ability to move in motion without pain.  If you are bending or trying to be flexible and it causes you “pain,” it’s no longer being flexible and has breached a boundary.  Just say “no!”

Third — identify your weaknesses.  The one thing to keep in mind is that a “positive” trait can be a weakness for business and life.  For me, I have learned over the years my biggest weakness is my belief in others.  I always try to see the good in others.  But I have invested more than that person will do for themselves.  That’s the mistake.  Don’t waste resources (money and time) including emotion on people that don’t want to move forward or be the best they can be.  If we want it more for them, but they don’t, it won’t happen.  

Fourth — It is your season?  Is it time?  Where are you in your life?  What is your passion, desire, goals?  This changes.  Chapters in peoples’ lives change.  It’s important to know your passion and career may change.  There is a time and place for each season.  Be open and find yours. 

Fifth — self-care.  Most days it may be hard to do.  But what is self care?  It’s not the same for one as for another.  Self care may be taking the time to spend with friends or family for another person it’s a day at the spa!   Find a few different ways that make you feel refreshed, relaxed, and content. 

Once you are able to evaluate and put these steps in place; you will be well on your way to having it all!

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