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6 tips to help save money, common HVAC & plumbing bad habits

Taking proper care of your HVAC and plumbing is essential to maintaining high efficiency and avoiding future costly maintenance.  There are a variety of bad habits that homeowners can unintentionally have regarding their HVAC system and plumbing.  These common mistakes can add up over time if you are not careful.  Completing annual maintenance is one of the most important things that you can do to save money on plumbing and HVAC.

Not changing your filter:  There are a variety of issues that stem from not changing your filter, inefficiency, and rising energy bills among them.

No regular maintenance:  Forgoing regular maintenance on your HVAC & plumbing system may seem like an easy way to cut costs, but the damage of doing so can quickly add up over time.

Blocking airflow:  Proper airflow is one of the most important things that your HVAC system requires to function efficiently.  If this airflow is blocked, multiple issues can arise.

Actively look for drips:  Drips add up over time —and can also signal a larger problem at hand.  Loose valves, cracked pipes, or even flooding are all issues that a few small drips can warn homeowners about.

Upgrade your water heater:  Heating water requires a lot of energy; by upgrading to a more effective, energy-efficient model, you can save a lot of money over time.

Check your water meter:  Take a quick look over your water meter to be sure that your water flow is running normally.

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