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Fairport Harbor Public Library to celebrate 100th anniversary throughout 2022!

The Fairport Harbor Public Library (FHPL) has been planning this party for a century and you’re on the guest list!  You are invited to join them as they celebrate 100 fabulous years of history –– and look forward to 100 more –– with a variety of special anniversary programs and events scheduled throughout the year. 

FHPL history

The library was first organized in 1921 by Mr. M.C. Helm, superintendent of Fairport Harbor Public Schools.  It was located in one supply room on the first floor of McKinley Grade School with 1,000 books supplied by the state library.  The public as well as the students were invited to use the library.

The library was formally established in 1922 with the building of a high school in Fairport and a resolution by the school board to create a public library in the school.  Most of the children’s books remained at Garfield and McKinley school libraries with teachers serving as part-time librarians.

The building in which the library is now housed was built in the spring and summer of 1934 as a joint project by the board of education and the board of library trustees.  The main floor served as a study hall and library for the schools during the day but was also open to the public.  The basement housed the home economics department of the school.  In the 1940s the basement was used for band rehearsals.

Over the decades the library has grown to become an integral part of the Fairport community with innovative programming, diverse collections, and red carpet customer service. 

In honor of the centennial, the library will mark this important milestone with special programs for both children and adults, many with themes linked to 1922.  Look for special story times, contests, events, lectures and more.  During this year-long celebration, the library hopes to reflect on the past as well as look to the future of the library, giving people a sense of nostalgia and sharing the ways that the library can still impact and improve their lives and the lives of their neighbors. 

“Libraries grow with their towns,” said Kara Cervelli, director of Fairport Harbor Public Library.  “Many public libraries got their start in schools and FHPL is honored to maintain its close relationship with the Fairport Schools 100 years later.  We're excited to celebrate our long history in the Fairport community, and we look forward to continuing to be a vital and vibrant asset for the people of the community.  Here's to another 100 years of exceptional library service!” 

Fairport Harbor Public Library is located at 335 Vine Street in Fairport Harbor.  For more information call them at 440-354-8191 or visit them at