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Side by side with very special artists

Brendan R with his 3-D art.

The Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities (LCBDD)/Deepwood coordinated a unique display of artwork that was showcased throughout March as part of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month; a time when agencies such as Deepwood, strengthen their focus on raising awareness about the needs and abilities of individuals who are eligible to receive their services.

“Collaborating with the Great Lakes Mall as the venue to display the art work gave us the chance to spotlight the creative talents of individuals who have disabilities with the general public,” said Lisa George-Koch, LCBDD community relations manager and event coordinator. “It also illustrates how we work side by side with our community to create avenues of awareness.”

The Art Celebration featured 19 artistic works from people across Lake County.

One artwork, titled Greyhound, was a detailed sketch beautifully framed and illustrated by Chris Dabson. Chris has an extraordinary ability to draw free hand with colored markers and pencils.

“Our friends have a greyhound, so I was able to picture it in my head to draw it,” said Dabson.

Another form of art on display was a 3-D three-piece action figure set created by Brendan Rosplock.

“While I was cooped up at home during COVID-19, I practiced using a 3-D pen to create fidget spinners, action figures, and other flat objects into a 3-D piece of art,” said Rosplock. “I really like doing it as a hobby.”

During a private reception for the artists and their families, guests mingled and heard firsthand from some of the artists about what inspired their art.

Amanda Ruppe loves photography and has the creative ability to take vivid pictures of objects that convey meaning. Her picture of an old tire leaning against a building alleyway enclosed with trash, depicts her vision of A Restless Tired Dream.

“I live in a world full of chaos and, wherever I go, I see things that were once something,” noted Ruppe. “With support, these things can be whole again.”

“Hearing Amanda speak about how her photograph depicts a vision of optimism and hope (in contrast to what you might initially see when you look at the photo), is a good analogy to seeing individuals who have developmental disabilities in a different light. Their abilities, talents, and hart are truly admirable,” said Elfie Roman, LCBDD’s Superintendent.

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Those interested in learning more about the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities/Deepwood’s programs and services can visit or connect on social media @DeepwoodLakeDD.