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Summer of Kindness Challenge

Recent history has shown us that just as easily as our country can come together in a time of crisis, it can be torn apart by meanness, intolerance, and hatred.  Fortunately, there is a local organization that focuses on how kindness can continue to be the inspiring link and the bridge that brings our region together as we work to find solutions and common ground. 

Started in 1994 as Project Love, Values-in-Action has been providing social-emotional and character education programs to schools in northeast Ohio for 28 years.  Through student workshops and seminars, the organization has trained over 1,000,000 students and 4,100 educators to lead with kindness, caring and respect.

To take kindness to the next level, Values-in-Action is currently presenting a movement aimed at bringing together communities, businesses, organizations, and schools by recognizing and sharing the acts of kindness around us in an effort to inspire a ground swell of positivity and goodness that will solidify northeast Ohio as the kindest place in the nation.  Known as “Kindland,” the movement relies on the power of the people to do, recognize, report, and share the acts of kindness happening everyday. 

Kindland is a part of Values-in-Action’s broader “Just Be Kind” campaign that aims to make kindness the overriding and embedded value in communities across the United States.

Ways to engage with the Kindland movement

  • Spread the Kindland message:  Take the Kindland pledge at  It’s an easy way for anyone to show their commitment to kindness.  Share the link and encourage others to take the pledge. 
  • Follow Kindland on social media @BeKindland and share news about Kindland with your friends, family, and neighbors. Share kind stories and tag @BeKindland and include #Kindland.
  • Post signage in your window or yard to show that you are a part of the movement that encourages kindness in northeast Ohio.  Email [email protected] to request signage.

Summer of Kindness Challenge

Values-in-Action is kicking off a new promotion called the “Summer of Kindness Challenge” where participants can win great prizes including a vacation, Browns tickets, Cavs tickets, grocery gift cards and more.

Entering is easy.  On the back page of this issue of Today’s Family there are 20 challenges of kindness.  Challenges include volunteering at a local animal shelter, supporting a lemonade stand, leave a kind message with sidewalk chalk, giving blood and more.  

Between now and August 19, 2022, complete as many of the challenges that you can and mark them off as you go.  When you are finished, scan the form and email it to Amanda Guarnieri at [email protected] or mail your form to Values In Action, Summer of Kindness, 6700 Beta Drive, Ste. 120, Mayfield, Ohio 44143.

You will receive one raffle form for every square you have marked off.  One form and 20 raffle tickets are the maximum you can earn.  The raffle will take place on Friday, August 26, 2022. 

If you have any questions you may email Amanda Guarnieri or call her at 440-463-6205.

Good luck and here’s hoping for a truly great summer of kindness in northeast Ohio and around the world!