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Lakeshore Dance & Gymnastics under new ownership

Lakeshore Dance & Gymnastics offers something for every age and skill level.  They strive to train the total athlete in a family-friendly atmosphere. 

Their 27,000 square-foot facility offers two large dance studios with viewing windows and custom-built professional floors; meeting the needs of every dancer.  

Developing gymnasts, preschool to school age, have their own training space, catering to each athlete‚Äôs needs with age-appropriate equipment including climbing rope! 

For competitive gymnasts, they  offer boys and girls competitive gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics.  Each team has a space designed specifically for their training needs! 

A custom-designed lobby offers open viewing for families to observe their athlete's progress, a snack area, and a pro shop.  At every age, Lakeshore's quality facility, equipment and professional staff, provide their athletes with a holistic training experience. 

New owner, Irene Graber is excited for the future and hires the most qualified staff, who enjoy working with children. 

Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics is located in Mayfield Village off of Wilson Mills Road at 760 Beta Drive, Suite G.

Classes begin soon.  Register online at