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Help Name Cleveland Metroparks Police Department’s K-9 Puppies!

(Left) The male German Shepherd (black) was born Dec. 7, 2022 and weighs 15 pounds. (Right) The male Belgian Malinois (brown/black) was born December 18, 2022 and weighs 10 pounds.

Cleveland Metroparks Police Department recently welcomed two new members of its police force – a male Belgian Malinois puppy and a male German Shepherd puppy! Both puppies have started their police training but before they get sworn into service, they need names! 
Now through February 28, 2023, you can help name the newest officers by casting your vote online at with a donation in support of the following names: 
  1. Rip and Fury
  2. Kato and Rocco
  3. Maddox and Dodger
Your donation will support Cleveland Metroparks K-9 unit and provide the puppies with the necessary tools and equipment for success as well as enrichment for their other fellow K-9 officers Creed and Jett. Vote as many times as you want! The winning names will be selected based on the group of names that receives the highest donation total. Voting will end at midnight on February 28.
For over 20 years, Cleveland Metroparks K-9 Unit has helped patrol the entire Park District and specializes in tracking, odor detection, evidence search and more. Members of the unit continuously update their skills through weekly training exercises, statewide instruction and national training conferences. The award-winning unit has an outstanding reputation and neighboring police departments regularly request their assistance. The K-9 unit also helps promote safety and crime prevention at Cleveland Metroparks events and community outreach opportunities.