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Spring Discovery Days at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Did you know that dwarf seahorses are only about one inch long as adults or that little Eastern musk turtles emit a big odor to deter predators?  Have you noticed there is no webbing between a green-and-black poison dart frog’s toes or seen the disk on a northern clingfish’s belly that lets it suction tightly to slimy or rocky surfaces? 

Greater Cleveland Aquarium invites you to appreciate life’s little things via videos, contests, daily animal encounters and I Spy with My Little Eye activities during its Spring Discovery Days, now through April 16, 2023.

“While the ragged-tooth sandtiger sharks gliding through the Aquarium’s 230,000-gallon shark habitat are always going to make a big impression, we hope guests will stop to appreciate some of the smaller species—from the burrowing garden eels to delicate weedy sea dragons,” says Stephanie White, general manager.

Situated inside a historic brick powerhouse, the Flats West Bank destination’s many freestanding habitats offer up-close, child’s-eye-, 180- and 360-degree views.  “The creative design of these habitats let you get a closer look,” says White.  “You can watch schooling redhook silver dollars zip around in unison, see a sea star’s tiny tube feet move it across the acrylic or identify the thin horseshoe-shaped markings that give the arc-eye hawkfish its name.” 

In addition to Aquarium activities, on Thursdays, March 16, 23 & 30 and April 6 & 13, northeast Ohio traveling animal educator Nora the Explorer will give guests of all ages the opportunity to learn about, get close to and even touch some remarkable little critters. 

Spring Discovery Days
Now through Sunday, April 16 
10 am–5pm (last ticket sold 4 pm)
$19.95 ages 13+, $13.95 ages 2-12, $0 passholders and kids under 2.  Advance online tickets encouraged for nonmembers. 

Get tickled by a cleaner shrimp, check out Surinam toads’ star-tipped fingers and spot the Boesemani crayfish cruising below the Indonesian rainbowfish. Spring Discovery Days’ activities give you more opportunity to visit and take a closer look at amazing aquatic animals. 

A Little Trivia With a Big Prize
Now through Sunday, April 16 
Quiz participants must be age 18 or older.  Correct answers do not determine eligibility.  One (1) winner will be chosen randomly on 4/17/23 and notified by email.  Nontransferable. 

Answer three trivia questions about some of Greater Cleveland Aquarium's smaller residents for a chance to win a #cleaquarium prize pack ($250 value) including a seahorse plush, a drawstring backpack, a one-year annual pass (or extension on a current membership) and Aquarium-branded gear. 

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