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Great Lakes Science Center's Dinosaurs of the Sahara exhibit open through September 4, 2023

Great Lakes Science Center will take guests back to the prehistoric era with Dinosaurs of the Sahara, a whole new dinosaur experience, will be open through September 4.

Created by Dr. Paul Sereno and the team at the University of Chicago’s Fossil Lab, Dinosaurs of the Sahara brings the unique world of African dinosaurs to life with original fossils from the Sahara, one-of-a-kind mounted skeletons and flesh models, and a show-stopping giant 32-foot rearing long-necked Jobaria skeleton!

Guests will get to touch real fossils, including a SuperCroc skull, and relive the excitement and adventure of Dr. Sereno’s recent ground-breaking Saharan expeditions with real footage from the field and an interactive dinosaur dig site.  Get an up-close look at Africa’s greatest predators, including spinosaurs and Africa’s T-rex-sized predator, Carcharodontosaurus. Meet some of the most bizarre plant eating dinosaurs imaginable, like Nigersaurus, nicknamed the Mesozoic cow, and see where and how these amazing creatures were discovered.

Look overhead at a pterosaur with a 12-foot wingspan and see mounted skeletons of the prehistoric predators Afrovenator and Suchomimus and skulls of other favorites like Spinosaurus and Rugops.

Starting in the early ’90s, Sereno and his team began to focus their expeditions on Africa’s lost worlds of the Jurassic and Cretaceous ages. They have excavated more than 100 tons of fossils, bringing to light a menagerie of new species, many of which will be on exhibit here at the Science Center.

Dinosaurs of the Sahara is included with general admission. 

Visit to plan your visit, and for more information about the Fossil Lab’s incredible discoveries, visit