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Thrift shop at Goodwill for all your vacation necessities

The sun is shining, and the temperature is rising.  That means summer vacation is right around the corner! 

If you are planning to travel this summer, consider a trip to Goodwill to prep for your trip and save big. Locally, Goodwill Industries boasts 13 retail stores in the greater Cleveland area. 

Revenue from each of these stores supports a network of 28 different outreach programs that support individuals in the community through job training and placement for people with disabilities, rape crisis services, emergency vouchers, hot meal programs and more. 

Ways to save for your vacay….


Pack it away

Luggage can be pricey and is oftentimes bumped and bruised when it is hauled from car to airport to hotel and so on.  For a fraction of the price, consider buying luggage at Goodwill.  Most Goodwill stores offer a variety of full size or carry-on luggage, along with duffel bags and backpacks.  Maybe you already have a trusted suitcase?  Surprise the little ones with their very own suitcase….for just a few dollars!


Airport essentials

Boarding a plane this summer? There are a few air travel essentials that could be easily found at the thrift store. 

Be sure to pack a scarf or pashmina that can serve as a blanket or help to warm your shoulders on the chilly plane.  Most airport stores offer these simple scarves staring at $20 retail.  At Goodwill, the same items start at just $1.99. 

Love to read when you travel?  Pick up a few paperback books at Goodwill to bring along for your wait in the terminal or the long plane ride to your summer destination. 


Road trip fun

Traveling with young children is not easy and oftentimes not relaxing. 

Bring your little ones to Goodwill and let them pick out their own board games or toys to take along on your summer adventure.  A few dollars at the thrift store may buy you a few hours of peace and quiet on the trip. 

And, if they happen to leave anything behind at the beach house, no worries.  You have only paid a few dollars and are paying it forward to the next kiddos who stay there!


Beachy chic

If you are headed to sandy shores, be sure to check out Goodwill for beach essentials.  

Nothing says summer like a woven straw beach bag.  Summer beach bags comes in all shapes and sizes at Goodwill, and there are always a few to pick from.  Small bags help liven up an outfit and larger bags help haul necessities to the beach. 

Also look for inexpensive sunglasses and straw hats at Goodwill.  Area Goodwill stores will oftentimes offer closeouts from other retailers. You can score new with tag hats and shades for 50% or more off retail prices. 


Be green

Goodwill offers an easy and inexpensive way to be green and help the environment, even when you travel.  Consider using recycled items in place of new products like cloth napkins, reusable drinkware or travel mugs, reusable bags and even small containers. 


Plan a thrift trip when you travel

When in Rome….thrift shop! Tourist shops can be expensive, but you can save even when you travel if you consider shopping at local thrift stores for your souvenirs.  Although Goodwill is operated locally in the greater Cleveland area, there are more than 150 other Goodwill networks across the US and Canada and even overseas.  When you arrive, do a quick Google search to find a store near you!