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Disney animator, Cleveland native pens heartwarming children’s book, "Grandpa's Groundhog"

“Grandpa Groundhog,” written and illustrated by Kevin Geiger, is a heartwarming story that tells the tale of a gruff grandpa and a grumpy groundhog who compete for territory but find common ground – literally and figuratively – through their shared love of a backyard garden.

Geiger was inspired to write “Grandpa Groundhog” after witnessing the unlikely relationship that formed between his dad and a large groundhog that took up residence in the backyard of his Ohio home.

“I remember Dad grumbling: ‘Look at that guy! He acts like he owns the place!’

And I imagined the groundhog having the exact same observation about my Dad,” said Geiger. “Dad came to respect the squatter as a ‘fellow grandpa’ when he discovered signs of the groundhog’s family.  Then one day, the groundhogs were gone and, ironically, Dad misses them.”

Geiger is an artist, animator and Disney veteran who has been telling stories since childhood.  

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and wherever books are sold.